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General Caving Books (300-330)...General Caving Books (331-360)...General Caving Books (361-390)...General Caving Books (391-420)...General Caving Books (421-450)...
Mapping (200-215)...Bats (400-420)...Bats (421-450)...Ropework (500-520)...Mountaineering (600-610)...Archaeology (700-710)...Safety (800-810)...Biology (900-910)...
Fiction (1100-1111)...History (950-960)


CAVING - GENERAL                  TITLE





CAV 300

The Commonwealth Magazine of VA

Broughton, Paul L.

CAV 301

Nature Conservancy Magazine


CAV 302

Prehistoric Native American Art of Mud Glyph Cave

Faulkner, Charles H

CAV 303

Cave Painting

Cuvay, Roxane

CAV 304

Ten Years Under the Earth

Castret, Norbert

CAV 305

Celebrated American Caves (2)

Mohr & Sloane

CAV 306

Caving Practice & Equipment

Judson, David

CAV 307

Caught in a Flooding Cavern; Reader's Digest

Ola & d'Autaire

CAV 308

The Cave Divers

Burgess, Robert F.

CAV 309

Caves of Mystery

Douglas, John Scott

CAV 310

One Thousand Meters Down

Cadoux, Jean

CAV 311

Caves of Adventure

Tazleff, Haroun

CAV 312

The Springs of Adventure

Noyce, Wilfrid

CAV 313

The Cave

Warren, Robert Penn

CAV 314

The Caves of Night

Christopher, John

CAV 315

Adventure is Underground

Halliday, William

CAV 316

Floyd Collins of Sand Cave

Halliday, William

CAV 317

Descriptions of VA Caves (Reference Only)

Holsinger, John R.

CAV 318

Annotated List of Significant Caves & Karst in  VA

Holsinger, John R.

CAV 319

The Complete Book of Cave Exploration

Pinney, Roy

CAV 320

Cave Minerals of the World (2)

Forti & Hill

CAV 321

Lechuguilla:  Jewel of the Underground


CAV 322

The World of Caves

Waltham, A. C.

CAV 323

Underground Worlds:  Time-Life

Jackson, Donald Dale

CAV 324

The Longest Cave

Brucker & Watson

CAV 325

Exploring American Caves (paperback)

Folson, Franklin

CAV 326

Geological Guide to Mammoth Cave NP

Palmer, Art

CAV 327

I Can Read About Caves (2) children

Naden, C. J.

CAV 328

Exploring Caves

Longsworth, Polly

CAV 329

Roadside Geology of VA

Frye, Keith

CAV 330

Hydrology of Limestone Karst in Greenbriar, WV

Erwin, Robert B.




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CAVING - GENERAL                  TITLE





CAV 331

Caves of Missouri

Bretz, J. Harlen

CAV 332

Geology of the Lexington Quadrangle (VA)

Bick, Kenneth F.

CAV 333

Jewel Cave:  A Gift from the Past

Palmer, Art

CAV 334

Cumberland Caverns

Matthews, Larry E.

CAV 335


Kerbo, Ronal C.

CAV 336

Caves and the Marvelous World Beneath Us

Stenuit, Robert

CAV 337

The Wilderness Underground:  Ozark Plateau

Weaver, H. Dwight

CAV 338

Program for the 1985 NSS Convention


CAV 339

Adventures Underground in the Caves of MO

Powell, Hazel Rowena

CAV 340

Pennsylvania Caves

Stone, Ralph W.

CAV 341

1986 Convention Guidebook


CAV 342

The First Book of Caves

Hamilton, Elizabeth

CAV 343

Caves in Vermont

Scott, John

CAV 344

Caverns of West Virginia (2) (1949)  Reference Only

Davies, William

CAV 345

Springs of West Virginia

Price, Paul W.

CAV 346

Cave Inventory & Classification System


CAV 347

Wyandott Cave

Jackson, George F.

CAV 348

Capital Area Cavers:  Bulletin #1

Anderson & Baker

CAV 349

1988 Convention Guidebook


CAV 350

1985 Convention Guidebook


CAV 351

1983 Convention Guidebook (3-ring binder)


CAV 352

Caves & Karst of Kentucky (water damaged)

Haney, D.C.

CAV 353

The Caves of Texas (2)  NSS Bulletin #10


CAV 354

NSS Caving Information Series 1-40


CAV 355

The World of Caves

Lubke, Anton

CAV 356

Exploring American Caves (hard copy)

Fulsom, Franklin

CAV 357

Caves and Cave Diving

Lavaur, Guy

CAV 358

British Caving


CAV 359

Crosa:  Bulletin #4:  1984


CAV 360

Caving Safety Code

Cave Rescue Org.

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CAVING - GENERAL                  TITLE





CAV 361

Water Tracer's Cookbook


CAV 362

Introduction to Caving:  A Guide for Beginners

Thompson, Kenneth

CAV 363

Caving Basics (2)

Hassmer & Rey

CAV 364

American Caving Illustrated

Storey, J. Welborn

CAV 365

Caves:  Facts, Stories, and Projects

Wood, Jenny

CAV 366

Central Oregon Caves

Larson, Charlie

CAV 367

Caves and Life

Zim, Herbert S.

CAV 368

What's in the Cave (children)

Seymour, Peter

CAV 369

Story of Caves

Sterling, Dorothy

CAV 370

Guide to Safe Scouting (packet)


CAV 371

Mammoth Cave National Park

Radlauer, Ruth

CAV 372

Through the Starshine


CAV 373



CAV 374

Gunpowder from Mammoth Cave

De Paepe, Duane

CAV 375

Karst Geomorphology and Hydrology

Ford & Williams

CAV 376

Caves (children)

Brandt, Keith

CAV 377

Karst Geomorphology

Jennings, J. N.

CAV 378

Outside Magazine (Bill Stone)

Vetter, Craig

CAV 379



CAV 380

The Endless Caverns

Reeds, Chester A.

CAV 381

Caves & Karst of the Buckeye Creek Basin


CAV 382

Speleology:  The Study of Caves

Moore & Nicholas

CAV 383

Speleology:  The Study of Caves (2)

Moore & Sullivan

CAV 384

Caverns of West Virginia (1958)  Reference Only

Davies, William

CAV 385



CAV 386

1993 SERA Cave Carnival


CAV 387

Proyecto Cheve 1986-1993 (2)


CAV 388

Gurnee Guide to American Caves

Gurnee, Russ & Jeanne

CAV 389

Speleology:  The Stud of Caves

Moore & Sullivan

CAV 390

Adaptation and Natural Selection in Caves

Culver, Kane & Fong

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CAVING - GENERAL                  TITLE





CAV 391

Caverns:  Measureless to Man

Exley, Sheck

CAV 392

Crystal Cave

Despain, Joel

CAV 393

Sex, Lies, and Survey Tape

Simpson, Lou

CAV 394

Karst Hydrology & Geomorphology Scoharie Co. NY

Dumont, Kevin A.

CAV 395

Caves of the Richlands Area, WV (WVSS)


CAV 396

Caves (children)

Kramer, Stephen

CAV 397

1995 SERA Summer Cave Carnival


CAV 398

Discovery of Luray Caverns, VA

Gurnee, Russ

CAV 399

The Underground Atlas

Middleton & Waltham

CAV 400


James & Choquette

CAV 401

Journal of Hydrology

Webb & Sasowsky

CAV 402

Eighteenth Annual TAG Fall Cave-In 1995


CAV 403

Hydrology & Hydrochemical Characterization…Brazil

Auler, Algusto S.

CAV 404

One Small Square Cave (2) (children)

Silver, Donald M.

CAV 405

Looking Inside Caves & Caverns

Schultz, Ron

CAV 406

The Almost Complete Ecclectic Caver

Engel, Thom

CAV 407

Exploring Caves

McClurg, David

CAV 408

Caves of Westmoreland County, PA


CAV 409



CAV 410

Bats New Image:  Time Magazine

Toufexis, Anastasia

CAV 411

Anything is Possible

Dickinson, Leo

CAV 412

Smithsonian Magazine:  Lechuguilla

Roberts, David

CAV 413

Smithsonian Magazine:  Floyd Collins

Fincher, Jack

CAV 414

Geology of Luray Caverns, VA

Hack & Durloo, Jr.

CAV 415

Stalactite Magazine (3)


CAV 416

The Art of Caving

Heslop, Linda

CAV 417

Cave Passages

Taylor, Michael Ray

CAV 418

Adventure of Caving

McClurg, David

CAV 419

Wind Cave

Palmer, Art

CAV 420



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CAVING - GENERAL                  TITLE





CAV 421



CAV 422

Cave Beneath the Sea

Clottes & Courtin

CAV 423



CAV 424

Geology of the Delaware Basin:  NM & TX

Hill, Carol A.

CAV 425

Knox Cave, Albany Co., NY

Addis, Bob Nice

CAV 426

Living on Karst

Zokaites, Carol; Editor

CAV 427

Cave Diving Notes

Storey, James W.

CAV 428

Cave Minerals of the World

Hill & Forti

CAV 429

Our Planet:  Caves (children)

Rigby, Susan

CAV 430

Caves of Gunung Buda


CAV 431

Advanced Cave Diving

Storey, James W.

CAV 432



CAV 433

Tales of Dirt, Danger & Darkness

Steward, Paul Jay

CAV 434

Dictionary of Karst and Caves

Lowe & Waltham

CAV 435

The Dark Zone (children)

Kramer, Stephen

CAV 436

The Outlaws of Cave-In Rock

Rothert, Otto A.

CAV 437

A Guide Through Speleological Literature

Northrup, Mobley, Ingham, & Mixon

CAV 438

Journeys Through Tag


CAV 439

Introduction to Caves & Cave Exploring in GA

Beck, Barry F.

CAV 440

Karst Hydrology of the Cumberland Plateau, TN

Crawford, Nicholas C.

CAV 441

The Hidden Sea

Chapalle, Francis H.

CAV 442

Underground in the Appalachians & Maps


CAV 443

Deep Secrets

Reames, Fish, Burger, Kambesis

CAV 444

Speleology:  Caves and the Cave Environment

Moore & Sullivan

CAV 445

Caves and Caverns (children)

Coder, Taylor, & Molosky

CAV 446

Caves:  Scientific Adventures (children)

Greenberg & Carey

CAV 447

Geomorphology & Hydrology of Karst Terrains

White, William B.

CAV 448



CAV 449



CAV 450



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MAP 200

Cartography Workshop

1988 NSS Convention

MAP 201



MAP 202



MAP 203

Caves of Tennessee (2)

Barr, Thomas C.

MAP 204

Systematic Guide to Making Your First Cave Map (2)

Ganter, John H.

MAP 205

Introduction to Topographic Map Reading (2)

Thompson, Kenneth C.

MAP 206

Art of Cave Mapping

Thompson, Kenneth C.

MAP 207

On Station

Dasher, George

MAP 208

Introduction to Cave Surveying

Ellis, Bryan

MAP 209

An Introduction to Map Reading

Thompson, Kenneth C.

MAP 210



MAP 211

Caves & Karst of Randolph County

Medville, Doug

MAP 212

Caves & Karst of Randolph County (Map Packet)


MAP 213



MAP 214



MAP 215


















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BATS                  TITLE





BAT 400

Science Magazine:  Sonar Tracking...Big Brown Bat

Masters, Moffat & Simmons

BAT 401

The Bat Worker's Manual

Mitchell-Jones; editor

BAT 402

Conservation Biology

Tuttle & Fujita

BAT 403

National Geographic:  Flying Foxes (2)

Tuttle, Merlin

BAT 404

Ecology of Bats

Kunz, Thomas H; editor

BAT 405

The Bat Poet

Jarrell, Randall

BAT 406

Shadows of the Night (children)

Bash, Barbara

BAT 407

America's Neighborhood Bats

Tuttle, Merlin

BAT 408

Vampire Bat

Pringle, Laurence

BAT 409

Lavian Bat (children)

Hoban, Russell

BAT 410

Various Articles


BAT 411

Bat Boxes

Stebbings  & Walsh

BAT 412

The Vampire Bat

Turner, Dennis C.

BAT 413

The Bat Family (teen)

Smith, Kenneth

BAT 414

The Baseball Bat (children)

Michaels, Ski

BAT 415

Billions of Bats (children)

Lauber, Patricia

BAT 416

Bats:  Wings in the Night (children)

Schlein, Miriam

BAT 417

Cycle of Seasons:  The Little Brown Bat

Trost, Lucille Wood

BAT 418



BAT 419

National Geographic:  Frog Eating Bat

Tuttle, Merlin

BAT 420


Johnson, Sylvia A.

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BATS                  TITLE





BAT 421

Educator's Activity Book About Bats (2)


BAT 422

I Can Read About Bats (2) (children)

Warren, Elizabeth

BAT 423

Bat House Builder's Handbook (3)

Tuttle & Hensley

BAT 424

Extremely Weird Bats (teen)

Lovett, Sarah

BAT 425

Bat wings and Spider Eyes

Kerbo, Ronal C.

BAT 426

Zoobooks:  Bats (children)


BAT 427

National Geographic:  North American Bats

Tuttle, Merlin

BAT 428

Bats & Mines

Tuttle & Taylor

BAT 429

Backpacker Magazine:  Bat Article

Manley, Harriot

BAT 430

Wonder Series:  Bats (2) (children)

Cooper, Ann C.

BAT 431

Little Brown Bat (teen)

Green & Sanford

BAT 432


Cannon, Janell

BAT 433

Batty Riddles (children)

Hall & Eisenberg

BAT 434



BAT 435

Amazing Bats (children)

Greenaway, Frank

BAT 436

Natural History of the Common Fruit Bat

Handley, Wilson, Gardner

BAT 437

Human Rabies Prevention

BAT 438


Fenton, M. Brock

BAT 439

Introduction to Caves & Cave Exploring in GA

Beck, Barry F.

BAT 440



BAT 441



BAT 442



BAT 443



BAT 444



BAT 445



BAT 446



BAT 447



BAT 448



BAT 449



BAT 450



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RAP 500

Commonly Used Caving Knots

Fischesser, Mike

RAP 501



RAP 502

Belaying the Leader


RAP 503


Padgett & Smith

RAP 504

The Theory of Belaying

Wexler, Arnold

RAP 505

Nylon Highway 39-44


RAP 506



RAP 507



RAP 508


Warlid, Alan

RAP 509



RAP 510

High Angle Rescue Techniques

Vines & Hudson

RAP 511



RAP 512



RAP 513



RAP 514



RAP 515



RAP 516



RAP 517



RAP 518



RAP 519



RAP 520



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MNT 600

Handbook of American Mountaineering

Henderson, Kenneth A.

MNT 601

Dictionary of Mountaineering

Collomb, R. G.

MNT 602

Sierra Club Handbook

Adams & Mauk, et. al.

MNT 603

Starlight and Storm

Rebuffat, Gaston

MNT 604

On Climbing

Evans, Charles

MNT 605

Accidents in N. American Mountaineering; 1957


MNT 606

Accidents in N. American Mountaineering; 1961


MNT 607



MNT 608



MNT 609



MNT 610



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ARCHAEOLOGY                  TITLE





ARC 700

The Amateur Archaeologist's Handbook

Robbins, Maurice

ARC 701

The Seven Caves

Coon, Carleton S.

ARC 702

The Culture of the Keyser Farm Site

Manson, MacCord, & Griffin

ARC 703

Fossils of the Burgess Shale

Briggs, Erwin, & Collier

ARC 704



ARC 705



ARC 706



ARC 707



ARC 708



ARC 709



ARC 710



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SAFETY                  TITLE





SAF 800

Manuel of U.S. Cave Rescue Technique


SAF 801

Basic Essentials of Hypothermia

Forgey, M.D. William W

SAF 802

CMC Rope Rescue Manual

Frank & Smith

SAF 803

Universal Study Guide for Rescue Training


SAF 804



SAF 805



SAF 806



SAF 807



SAF 808



SAF 809



SAF 810



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BIOLOGY                  TITLE





BIO 900

Notes on the Plethodontid Salamanders

Hutchison, Victor H.

BIO 901

Cave Life of Kentucky

Bailey, Vernon

BIO 902

The Cave Bear Story

Kurten, Bjorn

BIO 903



BIO 904



BIO 905



BIO 906



BIO 907



BIO 908



BIO 909



BIO 910



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FICTION                  TITLE





FIC 1100

Seven Shades of Black

Cohen, Stephen M.

FIC 1101

The Mammoth Incident

Harker, George R.

FIC 1102



FIC 1103



FIC 1104



FIC 1105



FIC 1106



FIC 1107



FIC 1108



FIC 1109



FIC 1110



FIC 1111



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HISTORY                  TITLE





HIS 950

Beacon Lights of WV History

Conley, Phil

HIS 951

Caving in America


HIS 952

Saltpeter Caves & VA History (2)

Faust, Burton

HIS 953

Cave Clippings of the 19th Century

Gurnee, Russell

HIS 954

Floyd Collins of Sand Cave

Halliday, William

HIS 955



HIS 956



HIS 957



HIS 958



HIS 959



HIS 960



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